This video is an example of making lemonaide out of lemons.    The skills is IMPROVE the moment with meaning.

This is a recording of the exercises I do in the live in person webinar, recorded so you can get the idea.

Song I use for teaching observe, describe, and participate to get to wise mind.

​Guided Imagery-
The introduction is on track 2

and the wise one journey on track 3

The beginning of this video is a good example of radical acceptance​

The teacher gets an award that you all should get for your dedicated work every day with your patients!

This video is an example of contributing. 

The skill is wise mind ACCEPTS, the distraction skill

  • Pros & Cons2:02

Emotion Regulation related article.

Opposite Action article

Website of a DBT Therapist with excellent descriptions about the skills and what DBT is.

DBT Informed Music Activities for Teens

Supplement Page

There are other videos with the cup song in English, but I really like this video.

  • Roller Coaster Ride2:17


Distress Tolerance...

Here are the videos to watch for mindfulness:

Emotion Regulation...

​​​​IMPROVE the moment with Encouragement

​I'm Enough by The Mrs.- (but watch this!)

Could use this song for opposite emotion or building positives

  • Track 020:32
  • Track 034:39

Could use this song for opposite to emotion action