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ic for DBT

Are you a clinician working in the structure of DBT?

A music therapist interested in integrating DBT skills into your practice?

A client in a DBT program?  

Let me introduce you to the idea of utilizing music activities that have been specially created and chosen to teach, reinforce, practice, and enrich the learning of practical life skills in the areas of mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. 

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a cutting edge therapy model created by Dr. Marsha Linehan.  To quote Linehan (2015) DBT skills training aims to “change behavioral, emotional, thinking, and interpersonal patterns associated with problems in living”. 

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  • Self-help music activity forms for your clients to use to practice DBT skills through music

  • Workshops for clinicians who work in the structure of DBT to learn music activities to liven up and enhance your practice

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