Welcome.  I'm so excited that you have found this page!  I want to provide a great service to you DBT clinicians so would love your input.

I am putting together a program of music activities that have been specially created and selected to reinforce, practice, and enrich the learning of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills.  

I set up an online portal that has engaging activities for each skill, videos and audios to supplement each activity, with downloadable worksheets. Want to see an example? (Click)

​So that it is easy to fit into your and your clients lives, I plan to drip out one activity at a time and write it in a way that it can be used by even those who are not musically inclined.​​

I would love your thoughts and input so that I am sure to complete it in a way that meets your needs.  Email: deborah@dbtmusic.com

​Deborah Spiegel, CEO & director of The Spiegel Academy,  is a DBT informed Board Certified Music Therapist.​

Author of the book Music Activities & More for Teaching DBT Skills and Enhancing Any Therapy: Even for the Non-Musician (Authorhouse 2010) and presenter of workshops nation wide, Deborah will teach you a wealth of music activities you can use to liven up your skills groups, to reinforce, practice and enrich the learning of DBT skills..

Ms Spiegel received her DBT training from Behavioral Tech, both online and with her treatment  team while working in an inpatient DBT milieu.  She served as the treatment team's music therapist as well as serving as a DBT skills group leader for almost 12 years.  She found herself adding music to her skills groups and then again reinforcing the skills the patients learned in all of her music therapy groups.

Since 2011 Ms Spiegel has been an approved provider with the Certification Board for Music Therapists, providing continuing education classes on a wide range of topics including DBT informed music therapy, for music therapists and allied health professionals .

Now, in 2018, we are pleased to announce a new division of the program offering music for you licensed professionals who work in the framework of DBT.

Deborah is currently involved in spearheading a research project to validate the effectiveness of DBT Informed Music Therapy.  On her team is Abbey Dvorak PhD, a professor at the University of Kansas,  Lindsey Landeck MT-BC and William Deyer PhD of Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital. 

We will post results. Informally it can be said that we do see that patients seem to pay attention, practice skills,  and remember skills when we add music. Here is a link to other research that has been completed in the arena of DBT informed Music Therapy.


 for clinicians who work within the structure of DBT 

Specially designed music activities to reinforce, practice,  & enrich the learning of Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills 

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Music Activities to Reinforce, Practice, and Enrich the Learning of Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills 

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Music Activities & More for Teaching DBT Skills and Enhancing Any Therapy: Even for the Non-Musician (book)​​,


ic for DBT

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This program can be used by clients on their own to have a fun way to interact with the skills during the week, and you too could use them to enhance your skills training and to support practice of the skills.


What do you think?

Do you work with adolescents &/or families?

If you had a music activity handout that you could  give to your clients that would add a creative aspect to the homework you give them to do...would that be of interest to you? ​​