Deborah Spiegel MT-BC, CCHt
CEO & Director of The Spiegel Academy

I was working at the mental health institute on the adolescent unit.  There was a girl who had been discharged but was readmitted.  She came up to me and said “Miss Deb, I was at my placement and the other girls were teasing me, so I climbed up on the roof and was about to jump off and kill myself when your Pros & Cons song came into my head and I had to get down.”

These are the moments that we live for!  Yes!  I saved a life today.  This is music therapy.  This type of moment makes all the difficult clients (and difficult staff) that we wade through worth it.  

I firmly believe that every music therapist makes a difference in many clients lives. The Spiegel Academy is here offering easily accessible content rich online CMTE classes and live events to support you to be effective and make an even greater difference in the lives of your clients.   We've been providing a growing and varied list of quality CMTE online classes since 2/2012 and with your help will continue to grow, improve, and expand the number of clients lives who are impacted.  Join our classes and see for yourself.

Heather Palmer MSEd., MT-BC

​Heather is a board certified music therapist and Baby Signing Time Instructor.  Owner of It Is Music Time LLC., she has over ten years experience working with infants, toddlers, teens and adults with developmental disabilities.  Her child's programs focus on communication skills by combining American Sign Language (ASL) and music therapy interventions to promote growth and independence.   More

Julie Guy, M.M.,  MT-BC

​Julie graduated with a Masters in Music Therapy from Western Michigan University. She co-founded The Music Therapy Center of California (MTCCA) and Banding Together, a San Diego non-profit. In her work with children with special needs, Julie co-authored the “In Harmony: Integrated Learning Program.” Her work has been published in Imagine Childhood Magazine and Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy. ...more

is  to meet the continuing education goals of professional music therapists and allied health professionals.  We provide a growing and varied selection of inspiring and content rich classes taught by qualified instructors, approved for CMTE credits,  in a format that is easily accessible for online home study as well as occasional live events, promoting the maintenance of high standards of excellence in professional  practice.  Our goal is to provide you with new ideas and srategies to support you in being effective and making a difference.

​Angela Neve M.M., MT-BC

​Ms. Neve is a board-certified neurologic music therapist, songwriter and co-owner of The Music Therapy Center of California. Ms. Neve has been working as a music therapist for over 16 years in the San Diego area with children, teenagers and adults with autism.


The Spiegel Academy: Music Therapy Continuing Education CMTE Credits

Faith Halverson-Ramos MA, LPC, MT-BC

is a board-certified music therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Longmont, Colorado, where she developed a music therapy program at a start-up hospice company. While with this company Faith was able to assist in developing the bereavement and volunteer programs. Her approach to end-of-life and bereavement care comes from a place of mindfulness and presence. More...

David Putano MT-BC

David, who lives in Toledo, OH, has been a music therapist since 1992 and a professional musician all his adult life. He uses guitar every day in his work to support clients in his busy private practice that consists of children and adults of various populations. David uses his proficient guitar skills to effectively establish therapeutic rapport, support music therapy goals and to create original music. More

Carol LaRueOTR/L
Carol is author of the book, The Art of Self-Health, Creating Total Well-Being from the Inside Out. She is a licensed occupational therapist, speaker, and integrative wellness coach. ...
Her training and application in mind/body health spans over 25 years and includes experience in providing various forms of mindful exercise and movement, stress management education, customized individual and organizational wellness coaching

Joel Kroeker RCC, MA, MMT, MTA 
Joel is a CVAP- certified Registered Clinical Counsellor, an accredited Music Therapist and the founding international workshop facilitator of Archetypal Music Psychotherapy (AMP). He serves on the board of the Vancouver Jung Society and is an international recording and touring artist on True North Records. He currently divides his time between his clinical practices in Vancouver and Victoria and pursuing

Jeffrey Friedberg MT-BC, LCAT​​

Jeffrey is a board-certified music therapist, NY State licensed creative arts therapist and Parents’ Choice Award winning children’s musician.  He has practiced music therapy since 1994 in a variety of settings including therapeutic preschools, elementary schools with children with ED/LC, music schools with teens in foster care, with adults in psychiatric hospitals and clinics and in private practice.  In addition,  More...

Stephan Betz, Ph.D., MT-BC

Stephan is a music therapist working in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In the Health field for approximately 20 years, Stephan is the new Department of Health Services Director in Sonoma County, and  worked for the County of Solano in the Health and Social Services Department for the past 12 years, most recently serving as the Deputy Director for Older and Disabled Adult Services.  Dr. Betz has also served as the Assistant Director of Operations, Planning, and Research and the Mental Health Director. More


Oliver Jacobson MT-BC

Oliver is a Music Therapist in Private Practice in Santa Rosa, CA providing services to clients throughout Sonoma County and the greater San Francisco Bay region. . He is passionate about the use of technology in Music Therapy, and how it can be used intelligently to provide an additional avenue of positive therapeutic change for our clients...More

Lauren Bonavitacola PsyD, MT-BC

Lauren is a  is a post-doctoral fellow who works at Cognitive & Behavioral Consultants of Westchester and Manhattan with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. Dr. Bonavitacola has expertise and specialized training in the delivery of evidence-based treatments for anxiety, mood, substance use, eating, and personality disorders across the lifespan. Intensively trained in DBT with Behavioral Tech,  ..More

Sally Bonkrude MA, LPC, MT-BC ​

Sally  is best known for her enthusiastic energy and interactive delivery style!  She is always open to presenting  material in a way that meets your needs and answers your questions. Sally has been in Private Practice as a Board Certified Music Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor since 2004 seeing clients from Children to Seniors with difficult issues, from anxiety to depression to major trauma and... More

Deborah Spiegel MT-BC, CCHt

Deborah, CEO & director of The Spiegel Academy,  is a DBT informed music therapy specialist.  She uses music and music activities to teach and reinforce DBT skills and supports music therapists and allied health professionals to use their discipline to support clients in DBT. Author of the book Music Activities & More for Teaching DBT Skills and Enhancing Any Therapy and presenter of workshops nation wide, ...More

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Katie Down MT-BC, LCAT

Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, received her masters degree in music therapy from NYU and additional training from ICP in Trauma Studies. She practices and teaches mindfulness mediation with sound and facilitates sound meditations throughout the New York Metropolitan region, incorporating music, mindfulness, talk therapy, and meditation as tools for relief of pain, anxiety, depression, and difficult life issues in her unique psychotherapy ... More

​Paul B Taubman II

Paul is an international Speaker, Presenter, and Trainer focusing on Website Strategy and marketing online. With years of experience in the tech world,  he's turned his attention to teaching website development to folks looking to take control of their website. Paul has learned how to teach all this “technical stuff” to non-techies!  He is a master instructor, taking the obscure and complex and explaining it in a simple, fun, and educational way.  More

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​Nicole Edwards MT-BC

Nicole is a Board-Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500). . with a Master of Arts degree in music therapy from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, and is pursuing her mental health licensure (LMHC) in the state of Florida. Currently working as a mental health counselor and music therapist at The Cove Center for Recovery in South Florida, she conducts both group and individual sessions for those recovering from drug and alcoholism. 


Jona Jeffcoat MT-BC

Jona Jeffcoat is a board certified music therapist and the Director of Services of Infinity Music Therapy Services based in Connecticut.  Since 2012, Jona has opened a music therapy clinic, has built a team of six music therapists and two music teachers, started a job shadow internship program, and recently launched a university affiliated internship.