Guitar: Tips and Tricks for the Advancing Guitarist

8 CMTE Credits​
$227.00   $204.30 

Self Study-Gain guitar competency. This class is full of tips that will help you play, learn and practice more effectively and will help you optimize the the use of the guitar in your work 

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Guitar: Song Introductions & Endings

 8 CMTE Credits

$227.00    $204.30  

Self-study. Learn useful song introduction & endings to perform more diverse, musical interpretations of songs when playing live guitar in your music therapy work i.e., for pre-composed songs, original compositions or improvisation.

Guitar: Rhythm and Accompaniment for Stylistic Playing

10 CMTE Credits​

​$279.00    $251.10

Self-study. Guitar instruction focusing on rhythm/accompaniment (strumming) concepts, providing you with more authentic and diverse interpretations of songs you play. 


The Spiegel Academy: Music Therapy Continuing Education CMTE Credits