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There is no affiliation between The Spiegel Academy & Behavioral Tech

  Course Materials:(2 books)

Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder

 & DBT® Skills Training Manual, Second Edition 

Gain a complete and thorough study of the DBT skills with music therapy applications, and  have professional supervision as you implement them with your clients, learning how to apply the material and make it functional for music therapy

Become comfortable using the DBT terminology and collaborating with other clinicians​​. Be able to to communicate with related fields more effectively and plan groups in coordination with them within the structure of DBT.

Gain the educational essentials to maintain high standards of excellence in your professional practice and feel confident in your role as a DBT informed Music Therapist 

Know what the skills are and how to create effective MT interventions within the DBT framework

Effectively create and implement MT interventions to support and reinforce the DBT skills the patients are learning​​​​

Be able to present other professionals and those in charge with a credential from the Spiegel Academy with the designation of DBT informed Music Therapist  that demonstrates a working knowledge of DBT​

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Music Therapy webinar.

 Learn 3 ways to integrate DBT Skills
into your Music Therapy Practice.

Deborah Spiegel MT-BC is recognized as a leading expert in the field of DBT Informed Music Therapy. She has spoken, presented workshops, and delivered trainings in music therapy and DBT skills nationwide since 2009. Since the time that she was first introduced to DBT in 2001, the amount of research on DBT and its effectiveness with various populations has exploded as has the popularity of its use. The need for trained music therapists in this field is growing.

Lauren Bonavitacola Psy.D. MT-BC is a clinical psychologist and music therapist who has expertise and specialized training in the delivery of evidence-based treatments for anxiety, mood, substance use, eating, and personality disorders across the lifespan.  Dr. Bonavitacola is highly experienced and is intensively trained in all aspects of DBT and will provide you with supervision and training.

Extra DBT Informed Music Therapy  Supervision

If you want to continue receiving and participating in supervision you can do so at a reduced rate 

Hundreds of people like you have invested in our DBT Informed MT classes since 2011. We know that if you register for this entire program and apply yourself you will be thrilled with the results. If you find that this program doesn’t feel like a good fit for you, you have 48 hours after the first day of class to get 100% of your money back.  After that time, you will be able to transfer to any other classes of your choice of the same credit value from our catalog. No hassle.



The Spiegel Academy: Music Therapy Continuing Education CMTE Credits

"Since taking the training from The Spiegel Academy, I developed a DBT skills group with the psychologist on my unit at the state hospital where we work together co-leading skills groups.  The psychologist has stated that he notices a difference in the patients who attend the skills groups that are just with him versus the groups that include me, and he is more than convinced that music therapy makes a difference!  We are planning our next round of groups together!  I highly recommend this training.  I found that this training helped me become confidant in using the language of DBT to enhance my clinical skills, and I would not have ventured into teaching skills groups without it." Lindsey Landeck MT-BC

"I indeed learned common language to use so that I am better able to communicate with other therapists who are working with the same clients, and also so that I can help the clients begin to understand a language they can use to better express their emotions to facilitate improved emotion regulation. I will be able to now directly implement DBT Skills & language into working 1:1 with clients, and also while working with other therapists at my facility who are trained in DBT. "  Diana Gross MT-BC

This is a very comprehensive program

providing a variety of learning modalities to fully support you:





"This DBT informed Music Therapist training has been profoundly beneficial both personally and professionally.  My intention was to learn tools to use with my clients, which I have, and the supervision has been priceless.  The bonus to me is being able to implement the skills myself and how it has improved my own life."   Betsey Carle MT-BC​ 

What You Get When You Register:

 ​​Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT®) is a cutting edge therapy model created by Dr. Marsha Linehan.  Originally known for its effectiveness in working with patients with borderline personality disorder, research now shows DBT to be beneficial for numerous populations and settings.  DBT Skills Training is one component of a DBT program, and this is the area that we music therapists can make our biggest contribution.  ​The use of music therapy interventions to help teach and reinforce DBT skills, is supported by research.  ​​

Reinforcing the skills for mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness through music therapy can support your patients/clients who are involved in a DBT program as well as those who are not.  DBT skills are useful in our own lives as well!  Being a music therapist on a DBT treatment team, you can add a new dimension to the way the clients learn, practice, and remember the skills.  Even if you are not part of a DBT treatment team, Integrating DBT skills into your own practice can provide effective tools for mindful living, coping with stress, interpersonal interactions, and emotion regulation strategies for your clients.  

1. Complete the following CMTE classes through the Spiegel Academy:

  • Music and Mindfulness In Clinical Applications

  • DBT: Practical Life Skills Reinforced through Music Therapy- an overview of the skills in the first DBT manual with MT interventions

  •  In-Depth DBT Skills Study with Music Therapy Applications- covering all the skills in the second manual with live and recorded Q&A and supplemental videos, integrating DBT Skills Training

  •  Lastly demonstrate a working knowledge if DBT Infomed MT by applying it with your clients.  Attend 6 online Supervision   meetings and submit a case write up assignment

2. ** In addition to what we offer through our catalog, you are required to take a  DBT Skills Training class from Behavioral Tech  (behavioraltech.org).  
NOTE: There is  no affiliation between The Spiegel Academy and Behavioral Tech

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DBT: Practical Life Skills Reinforced through Music Therapy

CMTE Credits: 10

Fee if Taken Separately:  $279 

Date and Length:  self-study recorded version of 2 day training to take on your own time.  Complete this class first.

Description: Review the DBT Skills in the first Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder by Dr. Marsha Linehan and come away with lots of music therapy interventions.

​​(Alternative to this online class: Deborah can present a 2 day workshop where she travels to your location and presents for your group. Ask for details. )​

Music and Mindfulness in Clinical Applications​
CMTE Credits: 8
Fee if Taken Separately: $227
Date and Length:  self study recorded version to take on your own time.  Complete this class next.

Description: Learn numerous music therapy interventions for practicing mindfulness​​

DBT Skills Training (taken through Behavioral Tech's website)
CMTE Credits:  24

Fee: $399 - actually we get a 50% discount!  so $199.50 paid directly through Behavioral Tech (**Can substitute a Btech DBT skills training event of your choice.)

Date and Length:

Register with Behavioral Tech for the DBT Skills Training Class for 3 month access.  We will send you the info for receiving the student discount. This training supplements the in-depth DBT skills study class below. You will study the DBT skills manual (2015 edition), this skills training class,  and meet with us online for monthly Q&A.
A study of the skills in the first Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder and how to lead a skills training group

In-Depth DBT Skills Study with Music Therapy Applications
CMTE Credits 29

Fee if Taken Separately: $647 

Date and Length: 3 month intensive program. 

Description: A thorough study of all the skills (including new skills) in Dr. Marsha Linehan's second Skills Training Manual, with Q&A meetings to supplement the book and the DBT Skills Training  you will take form Behavioral Tech.

DBT Informed MT Supervision

CMTE Credits: 29

Fee if Taken Separately:  $897 

Description:  Lastly, after completing all of the above requirements, you will demonstrate a working knowledge of DBT Informed MT by applying it with your clients over the next six months. Spend at least 3 hours a month implementing with your clients and working on a case write up of  DBT informed practices with a client of your choice.   Participate in 6 monthly one-hour online  supervision meetings to discuss your experience of putting it into practice.  

​​Online Community

Value = $1000

Throughout, you will have access to a private DBT community where you can connect with fellow participants, post questions, and have supportive discussions about your progress in the field. Ongoing community membership access to the private forum extends beyond the year of the program.

LIVE Online Q&A Support Monthly Meetings

Value = $900

​One year access to monthly Q&A online meetings for open coaching.  Talk about your progress, ask questions, and receive individualized customized support.


Value = Priceless!


What People are Saying:​​

2 minute video of takeaways from a couple of people

who completed the entire program last year:

​​ DBT Informed Music Therapist Endorsement

Can be Earned  from The Spiegel Academy

 By Meeting All of the Requirements Outlined Below:​

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Why earn this designation with us?  

​Receiving endorsement as a DBT Informed Music Therapist

through The Spiegel Academy you will:

Having taken both the The Spiegel Academy's Introductory and Intensive DBT informed MT trainings, I've found them to be exciting and practical.  By pairing the skills of the traditional DBT modules with Music Therapy interventions, I have been better able to meet my clients where they are at and provide skills for them to move to a better place.   Music Therapy is able to provide a bridge for teaching skills to those hard-to-reach clients in creative ways.

After working in health care for over 10 years, I am very excited to see the partnership of DBT skills and MT interventions emerge as what is sure to be a frontrunner in best practices of care.  Both DBT and Music Therapy are established practices that complement one another well, moving practice to a new level.

Kirsten Sorensen, MT-BC

Join the movement as we combine DBT Skills with music therapy 
to support those we serve to build a life worth living!

Deborah and Lauren are involved in a research project to further validate the effectiveness of DBT Informed MT along with Abby Dvorak, and Lindsey Landeck.  ​Music therapists are encouraged to publish their work in this area in order to add to the research base, increase competency, provide informed treatment, and generate empirical evidence.

Music Therapy Interventions Teaching  Emotion Regulation Skills System (Adapted DBT) for Clients With Intellectual Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors 28 credits

Normally $647 but yours FREE when you register for the program.

There is no time limit on when to take this class.

  • Recorded videos you can access for life
  • ​Written assignments that are individually reviewed and returned with feedback from the instructors
  • ​Attend LIVE online question and answer meetings where you can not only enjoy developing support with your fellow students but get your individual 1-1 questions answered and learn from the answers provided by Dr. Bonavitacola to the other group members' questions
  • Private online forum for participants to share interventions, share successes, and ask questions - any time of the day.  We want you to feel fully supported by the program